Skimming the sports page


By J.Parker Adair

In Skimming the sports page, The Gateway picks up on the most noteworthy sports events of the week and brings them to you in a condensed form. Here it goes:

College Football: This week, the No. 2 Texas Longhorns narrowly escaped being lassoed by the Cowboys of Oklahoma State. The Horns were led by a 267-yard passing game by Heisman-hopeful quarterback, Chris Simms.

Last week’s lock, Colorado Buffaloes, proved me right in an exciting 35-31 win at home in Boulder, Colo. over No. 16 Kansas State.

The Georgia Bulldogs, ranked No. 6, blew a 12-point fourth quarter lead to the Alabama Crimson Tide but recovered with a last-minute field goal by Billy Bennett.

Quarterback Rex Grossman took his top 10 Florida Gators to Ole’ Miss to face Eli Manning and the Rebels. The two QBs proved to be key. Grossman put up more yards and touchdowns but Manning had a higher percentage. If it weren’t for Grossman’s four interceptions, the Gators may not have lost 17-14.

MLB: There will be no repeat of last year’s memorable World Series as both the Arizona Diamondbacks and New York Yankees were ousted by the St. Louis Cardinals and the Anaheim Angels, respectively.

The Oakland A’s and Minnesota Twins played in one of the most exciting opening-round series in recent years, with the Twins winning Sunday night.

This week’s sports sign of the ridiculous: In what is probably the most exciting game of the year, The Arkansas Razorbacks traveled to face Tennessee in a game that lasted just short of eternity. Tennessee finally won by three points on a touchdown in the SIXTH OVERTIME!

Locks of the Week: In college football, Oregon on the road over UCLA. Stanford at home over Washington State. In baseball, the Twins to win the American League Pennant. Barry Bonds to win National League MVP, again.


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