Should Campus Security be armed?


By Patrick Doty – a photo poll

Megan Guthmiller – Recreational Therapy – Senior”I agree with it, I think it would be something that will help them secure people. If they don’t have anything, it may mean people respect them less. I mean, you don’t want to scare people, but if someone is going to do something it would help. The scary thing is that the weapons can be turned and used against them, too.”

Holly Thibault – Elementary Eduacation – Junior

Something that would be non-lethal. Like guns, I don’t think would be necessary, but something that would be non-lethal, because it’s not real police anyway. I think would be OK – like a Taser or nightstick, as long as they’re trained on how to use it.

Sam Okrina – Secondary Education – Senior

I wouldn’t feel comfortable if they had guns or something lethal. I’d just say make sure it’s something non-lethal and even if they have something non-lethal make sure they have training. If it’s going to come to needing guns, let the police deal with it.

Badr Mogari – Computer Science – Sophomore

I think they should carry weapons. Otherwise, what’s the difference between them and other people if they’re security? You never know, because the campus is so big, and you might have people do something. People might not care and not consider them as real security if they can’t carry weapons.


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