Seasonal Shouts: 5 outfits you’ll definitely see on campus this winter


Kamrin Baker

Graphic by Kamrin Baker/the Gateway

Following the cuteness of our last Seasonal Shouts column, winter is upon us. Like, really upon us. It is currently 28 degrees, and it’s only getting worse. Winter is not necessarily the most fashion-forward season, but it sure deserves some more recognition for its utilitarian and unique looks. I took the liberty of people-watching to come up with five memorable styles to recreate myself, and the results are below:

1. The “We might actually be in Antarctica”
In Omaha, January might be full of 40-degree days, or perhaps -40 degree days. We really don’t know from one day to the next, but when you check that weather app on your phone before your morning class, and your eyes pop open, most UNO students will be prepared with parkas and hats. This look is for that super cold Monday when you need to pile it on to make it to syllabus day in January.

Photo by Kamrin Baker/the Gateway

Hat: Scheel’s from, like, two years ago
Coat: Kohl’s!
Scarf: Also Kohl’s!
Batty weather: Global warming

2. The “My masculinity will keep me warm”
It still hasn’t been explained to me why exactly a large percentage of boys and men above the age of 12 often wear basketball shorts during the winter months, but since I still see it happening on campus, it made it onto this list. This look is for when you have class at 4 p.m. but need to hit the gym at 5:30 p.m. and can’t find the time to change in the locker room, I guess.

Photo by Kamrin Baker/the Gateway

Shirt: Free UNO event
Shorts: My boyfriend’s closet

3. The “I was so close to staying home today”
We all have those days where it seems virtually impossible to roll out of bed and make it to class, let alone wear something fashion-forward. This is especially challenging when some students have Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is usually most prevalent in young adults in their late teens and early twenties. No matter the reason for your exhaustion and lack of motivation for anything other than a pair of sweats, it is totally okay to go a few days with your main priority being the pajama pants that walked you to your important exam. You got this!

Photo by Kamrin Baker/the Gateway

Sweatshirt: UNO Bookstore
Pajama pants: Also my boyfriend’s closet
Bags under my eyes: Gucci

4. The “I have an interview later today, please don’t ask me why I look good”
Winter is also prime recruiting time for summer jobs and internships, and many students are putting their best feet forward trying to impress future employers. With our packed schedules, many of us have to bounce from class to interview to lunch to class, and that means looking professional all day. While dressing for success often makes you feel confident and ready to roll, you will definitely get a few “wow, why do you look so nice today?” questions, and even though it’ll be tempting to ask why you didn’t look so nice yesterday, we’re all rooting for each other to get the dang job.

Photo by Kamrin Baker/the Gateway

Blazer: Old Navy
Pants: Target
Turtleneck: Also Target

5. The “It’s just a regular day in the neighborhood”
We all have a signature style, even if we’ve been made to feel that our looks are “basic” or very much like a college student. On the days where the stars align and you have time to pick out an outfit, this one’s for you, wild card. Wear your go-to T-shirt, or your favorite sweater, and kick today’s butt. You don’t need any help here.