SAC museum “blasts off” with temporary space exhibit


Nate Dolezal

The SAC Museum’s latest exhibit will be on display until Jan. 5. Photo by Nate Dolezall/the Gateway

Historically, space has been considered the final frontier of human exploration. A new exhibit at the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum helps to shed some light on the future of space exploration by NASA.

“SPACE: A New Generation” is a temporary exhibit that aims to educate people about the future of space exploration and what NASA has planned in the coming decades.

Eleven hands-on activities are available that help explain a variety of topics like gravity, air pressure or how a rocket launch works. Videos are available to watch for more information, as well.

The exhibit also features a handful of American and Russian spacesuits on display for viewers to look at and read about, along with an explanation of how the suit protected the astronaut or cosmonaut, respectively.

There are a plentiful amount of pictures on display with informational plaques by each one. They aim to help the viewer understand space travel and even pop culture. There is a display for “Star Trek” and “The Jetsons,” along with other movies and television shows from the 1960s to modern day.

“This really is a wonderful exhibit,” said Robert Hale, 65, a self-proclaimed “space enthusiast” and UNO alumnus who was wandering through the exhibit. “There is so much to learn about the past, present and future of space exploration here.”

Hale, who has spent much of his life learning about space as a hobby, believes that this is an exhibit that everyone should come and see.

“This exhibit might be more relevant than most people think. It could be in your own lifetime that we land people on Mars, or colonize the moon, or even learn how to travel at the speed of light,” Hale said. “It’s important to be as educated as possible about space when this inevitably happens.”

“SPACE: A New Generation” is available to see at the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum until Jan. 5. The museum is open Monday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Entrance tickets are $12 for adults, $6 for children ages 4 to 12 and free for children aged 3 and under. Veterans can purchase tickets for $11.