SABC proposes allocations for student activities and programs for 2018-19

Photo courtesy UNO Communications

Cassie Wade

The Student Activities Budget Commission (SABC) met last Tuesday to debate the 2018-19 allocations for University Program and Facilities Fund A Fees (UPFF).

UPFF monies come from student fees, according to the UNO website. The Gateway, Maverick Productions and Student Government and its agencies receive allocations made by SABC from Fund A in order to run their organizations and programs.

The proposed allocations made by SABC to each organization and program for the 2018-19 fiscal year are as follows, said Student Government Treasurer Kyle Pane:

  • The Gateway – $151,466
  • Maverick Productions – $227,808.35
  • Student Government – $167,980
  • Women’s Resource Center – $17,220
  • American Multicultural Students – $14,080
  • International Student Services – $12,420
  • Network for Disabled Students – $7,410
  • Queer and Trans Services – $27,950

The allocations are pending student government approval. Student government was expected to vote on the proposed allocations last Thursday. Since campus closed at 3 p.m. due to the weather, the vote was pushed to this Thursday, said Associate Director of student involvement Dustin Wolfe.