Rock wall offers students a facility like no other


Photos by Evan Ludes/ The Gateway The 2,500 square foot wall is one of the largest in the country.
Photos by Evan Ludes/ The Gateway
The 2,500 square foot wall is one of the largest in the country.

By Andrew Nelson, Contributor

The University of Nebraska at Omaha offers countless clubs of all different varieties. One of them is the campus rock climbing club. Headed by club president Ben Prescott, the rock climbing club hasn’t seen the numbers of participants in the last few years, but that’s sure to change.

“The club is still kind of in the organizational process because it got cancelled for a year or so,” Prescott said.

The club was put on a temporary pause mostly due to the lack of members and leadership complications.

“I’m trying to do a little better job at running it now, we’re trying to actually do something with it,” Prescott said.

The club was picked up again last semester with a large part due to Prescott. Some changes are on the way to intrigue students. Offering a weekly “bouldering” league and taking trips to other indoor rock climbing walls are just some of those changes happening this semester.

“We try to take trips to different gyms, we plan on going down to Lincoln and Kansas City sometime this semester,” Prescott said.

The indoor practice in the Health,Physical Education and Recreation building and other gyms is great to help students prepare for trips with the Outdoor Venture Club. They offer the outdoor climbing trips since the rock climbing club is primarily limited to indoor climbs.

A new bouldering club has begun, where teams of three people climb to earn points. There are three divisions beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each week, there are three new routes for each division, so nine new climbing routes on the weekly. Scores from each team are totaled at the end of the six weeks to find the winners.

The cost per team is $21 and is free for UNO students, but a seven dollar fee is added to non-students. The league takes place on the climbing walls from 6-7 p.m.every Thursday.

UNO’s climbing wall is 2,500 square feet of concrete top rope and lead climbing area, and also includes a 1,400 square foot boulder in the middle of the facility. Prescott says this is one of the largest free standing indoor climbing boulders in the country.
The climbing wall features artificial holds, low angles, verticals, over-hangs, and two arches. The floor underneath the climbing areas has six inches of dense padding and there are several movable crash pads to protect climbers.
The club offers easy access to something a lot of people don’t get to experience at other schools, which is practice indoor climbing. The wall is just another gem of the many that are located within UNO.


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