Revolutionary Action Party: What is Justice?


Hannah Michelle Bussa

The Revolutionary Action Party held a rally asking, “What is Justice?” on Saturday, May 1 at the Douglas County Courthouse.

Their statement read, “We at The Revolutionary Action Party find the term justice to be subjective. The term has been diluted, pacified and used as a means to keep us within the confinements of the systems. In light of the Chauvin Trial verdicts coming out on Wednesday, and a 16-year-old Black child being murdered by Columbus PD barely half an hour after, we find it to be desperately imperative to have these discussions with the community as to what true Justice and total Liberation for The People look like. We could choose to chant around Black death once again, or we can choose to organize. We can choose to be reactionary or we can choose to use these situations as a means to educate the masses and begin Revolutionary dialogue as we move towards a total Cultural Revolution in our society.”

The rally featured speakers from the community and the Revolutionary Action Party. They also provided tables of mutual aid and handed out fliers on their beliefs.

Watch the speakers here. The timestamps for the speeches are:

Morgann Freeman, 0:30

Kiara Williams, 13:00

Ja Keen Fox, 23:50

Atzin Hernandez, 42:45

Trevin Jones, 57:15

Jaden Perkins, 1:08:00

Bear Alexander’s speech can be watched here.

The Revolutionary Action Party can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They also take mutual aid donations at the RAP Headquarters at 2411 Emmet St. Omaha, Nebraska, 68111.