Restricting liberal media more important than restricting gun sales


By Natali Bianco, Entertainment Editor

As part of the constant search for a solution to mass shootings, a group of senators recently pushed out new legislature that would put stricter regulations on background checks for gun purchasers.
Ideally, that makes sense.  You have a violent past? Well, no, you can’t have a gun because you’ll obviously go on a rampage. But, wait, what about the guy that’s only been in a couple of bar fights?
Anyway, does typical mass shooter really care about obtaining right to conceal and carry?
Well, obviously not.  But, really will any of the proposed regulations going through congress have any effect on mass shootings? No, of course not.  And, senators know that.  
So could the American government be exploiting the recent streak of shootings to take away the power of the common person? After all, our forefathers knew that should a revolution be necessary, the side with automatic weapons will prevail.
Does that mean this is a socialist conspiracy from our soon-to-be dictator Obama? Well, probably not… and if it is, luckily there are enough conservatives in Texas to put a fast end to any of that nonsense.
Our problem is that we’re attacking this problem from a liberal standpoint, when really gun control has absolutely nothing to do with saving the lives of elementary school kids.  Controlling the liberal media is the real issue.  
With a mass shooting being an ultimate cry for attention, why should we grant perpetrators that final wish?
We don’t need to restrict reporting about the event, just restrict information about the shooter. I think that news outlets would agree.  We can still let the world know what happened without causing someone to go down in infamy.  A simple restriction on name use, that’s all it would take.


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