Restaurant Reviews: Celebrate National Taco Day at the perfect local taco joint


Kamrin Baker

Cassie Wade

If National Taco Day falls on a Thursday, it’s acceptable to celebrate both Taco Tuesday and National Taco Day with delicious, meat and topping-stuffed tacos, right?

At the Gateway, we say yes, it is, and we’re more than happy to help you find the perfect restaurant to celebrate the occasion. Check out our list of four local taco joints for ideas on where to grab your next taco.

1. Los Portales

Review: Los Portales is easily one of the most affordable, laid back and delicious taco serving restaurants around. At $1.85 per taco, you can eat your fill without breaking the bank. Service is always fast and friendly, and the tacos come out piping hot with meat packed into the shells. Diners can pick from a variety of meats to fill their tacos, including chicken, steak and pork. The traditional style tacos come with cilantro and onion on top, but diners can add additional toppings for an extra charge. The portions are generous and with free chips and salsa, low prices and a Goodrich ice cream counter inside, diners are sure to enjoy an affordable, high quality meal in a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere when visiting Los Portales.

Price: $1.85 per taco

Location: 2614 S. 13 St. Omaha, NE 68108

Photo by Cassie Wade/the Gateway

2. Andrés Tortillery

Review: Andrés Tortillery is a bit pricey, but the restaurant’s more upscale atmosphere and tequila selection makes it date night appropriate. Tacos are not available for purchase al a carte, so either the Pacific Street Tacos or Taco Truck Tacos are the way to go. While there, I tried the Mary’s Green Chile Pork Tacos, which are listed under the street taco section and feature slow roasted poblano pork, cheese, onions, sour cream and cilantro. The tacos come with rice and charro beans. While the taco fillings were tasty, the serving size was wanting in comparison to Los Portales. Diners should be aware that the corn taco shells are considered street sized and are more than likely smaller than you’d expect. Do yourself a favor and plan to either order more food than you would normally or start with an appetizer. Overall and despite the serving size, the tacos were tasty and Andrés is definitely worth a visit if you need a new place for date night.

Price: $10.99 for two tacos and the sides that come with the meal

Location: 10317 Pacific St. Omaha, NE 68124

Photo by Cassie Wade/the Gateway

3. California Tacos & More

Review: California Taco is delicious, and while it gets very busy during lunch and dinner rushes, you’ll be glad you stopped in. Better yet, the restaurant was once featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, so there’s a chance you’ll see an endless loop of Guy Fierri when you nosh on some tacos. I always get a beef taco and either a side of fries or rice when I’m there, but my boyfriend is a fan of the fish tacos. The prices vary based on your choice of taco meat, but the tacos themselves are relatively large and filling. The 21+ club can also grab a beer, while there are other soft drink options for everyone else. As for the ambience, the joint is laid back and comfortable, with two separate dining areas and lots of eclectic decorations on the walls. Don’t forget to stop by the condiment corner and get some salsa, limes, lemons, or other toppings to make your taco unique. All in all, Cali Taco is a great place for a lunch break or a casual dinner, but make sure you time your visit well to avoid lines. Also keep in mind, they’re closed on Sundays!

Price: $5.40- $6.30 per taco

Location: 3235 California St. Omaha, NE 68131

Photo by Kamrin Baker/the Gateway
Photo by Kamrin Baker/the Gateway

4. Jonesy’s Taco House

Review: Jonesy’s is a local staple, with delicious tacos and a homey atmosphere. While the tacos are not as cheap as Los Portales, they are very affordable, at either $3 or $3.25 a piece. With beef, fish or chicken options, you could probably wrangle in a bite of each during just one meal. I, as usual, had a run-of-the-mill beef taco, but it was no ordinary bite. With a crunchy shell that left me hungry for more and a menu full of sides, I was satisfied with my pitstop. Jonesy’s is hidden in a corner of 60th street, but it is perfectly located near the university for a quick off-campus lunch break that won’t attack your college student budget.

Price: $3- $3.25 per taco

Location: 1502 S. 60th St. Omaha, NE 68106

Photo by Kamrin Baker/the Gateway