Record donations reach over $761,000 for 2023 Wear Black, Give Back event

The 24-hour day of giving flew by, much like this graphic from the kickoff. Photos by Andrew Smith

The University of Nebraska at Omaha concluded its fourth annual “Wear Black, Give Back” day of giving at noon today. The tradition, started in 2020, is aimed at fostering support for various organizations, scholarships, colleges and clubs on campus. The event extended over 24 hours, allowing the community to contribute to the betterment of UNO.

On Nov. 8 UNO’s campus was marked by a lively atmosphere as students, staff, faculty and even Durango came together to participate in a range of activities. A Wear Black, Give Back broadcast hosted by MavRadio and members of the Omaha News capstone kicked off the event at 11:30 a.m. highlighting the giving day and challenges for viewers to take part in.

Using the hashtag #WearBlackGiveBack on social media the community worked together to promote the event with posts sharing why they donated and how UNO influenced them. Participants also participated in challenges like the “Mini Durango Scavenger Hunt” where ten Durango plushies were hidden across UNO’s campus with different gift values to donate to any cause.

Lindsay Tague, a co-anchor for the Wear Black, Give Back broadcast, emphasized the event for students and organizations. “It was a surreal experience to be involved with this event because Wear Black, Give Back is a day where money is raised to ensure student success and involvement is possible. As a student involved in UNO organizations, it’s really inspiring to witness all the support from people who donate. Knowing there are people cheering us Mavericks on and providing a platform to express ourselves is a truly beautiful thought.”

The fundraising event spanned from noon on Nov. 8 to noon on Nov. 9 and aimed to generate support from alumni, staff, faculty, community members and more than 15,000 students across the university. The funds collected during Wear Black, Give Back are integral to sustaining UNO’s mission. They contribute to ensure that students have the resources and support necessary to engage in a wide range of academic, extracurricular and community-oriented activities.

As the 24-hour donation drive reached its conclusion, the UNO community donated 4,967 gifts totaling $761,285; this broke its previous record of $553,702 raised in last year’s event.

Here are highlights from Wear Black, Give Back:

  • The college of Public Affairs and Community Service topped the leaderboard for the most amount raised within the colleges with a total amount of $157,642.04.
  • MavForensics, UNO’s nationally ranked speech team, was on top of the student organizations for the third year in a row with $6,785 raised.
  • Omaha Athletics attracted the most donors; 901 sports fans

In a message of gratitude, UNO extended a special thanks to everyone who participated, donated and supported Wear Black, Give Back 2023. In a final post on the Wear Black, Give Back website, UNO wrote “Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support for our students and our campus. You made WEAR BLACK, GIVE BACK 2023 a huge success, and you’ve left a lasting impact on the University of Nebraska at Omaha.”

After the successful campaign reached its conclusion, it was announced that Wear Black, Give Back will return in 2024 for its fifth annual year.