Re-naming of MBSC Convenience Market

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Emily Petry

Students on campus for the past few months might have noticed heavy construction happening in the Milo Bail Student Center (MBSC). From temporary walls housing the convenience center to gaping holes in the ceiling, students have seen it all.

After months of construction, MBSC is finally up and running.

Students and faculty alike can see the difference 18 months has had on the center. There are no longer holes, and the temporary walls are gone, leaving a fresh and modern looking student center.

New additions include the remodeled student lounges, study rooms, the new restaurant, Durango’s Grill as well as new offices for Student Involvement and the Accessibility Services Center. It also features a completely remodeled Convenience Market.

The remodeled Convenience Market houses an all new ice cream bar, coffee shop, salad bar and the Grab-and-Go bar.

Inside the Convenience Market, students can find almost anything they could possibly need in a pinch.

Need back up batteries or Tylenol? They’ve got it. Need a milkshake but need more choices than what the ice cream bar can provide? The brand new F’real Milkshake machine has you covered.

“I love that we have F’real Milkshakes in the student center now,” junior Ember Filter said.

The new market already has students rushing in to grab that cup of joe before class, or some fries in between classes, just because it is what it claims to be: convenient.

“I think the renovations are really nice,” junior Molly Bond said.

Bill Pickett, the director of Milo Bail, was actively involved in the renovation process.

“We had focus groups about two years ago with faculty, staff, students and even student government to get feedback,” Pickett said.

Architects helped with designing and management teams from the university to shape the project into what it is today.

Because the Convenience Market has been reopened with new features, it is time for it to get a new name. Students can vote for the name until Sept. 9.

Voting is available through the ballot box inside the market as well as online through the Google doc that can be found online on UNO’s website.

Voting is encouraged because the feedback not only includes the name choices for the market, but also places to add suggestions for new items in the market and the food areas.

As for the potential names for the Convenience Market, there is a handful to choose from. Choices include 1908 Market, Maverick Den, Stampede Market, The Stomping Ground and the 402 Market.

Marketing and Graphic Design Coordinator for MBSC Casandra Brindisi said potential name options were decided based on surveys students filled out last year. From there, choices were narrowed down to the ones that were most popular.

Brindisi also mentioned that students should vote to get their opinions known, and the feedback can only help improve the new market area.

So if you haven’t made your way over to the brand new convenience market, it’s worth the jaunt into Milo. The possibilities inside are endless.


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