Random Thoughts on the Political Scene


By Jeff Kazmierski, Copy Editor

Well, it’s finally summer.  At the Gateway we’ve had a month-long break from printing and a lot has happened.  In fact, there’s been so much activity in the political world that it would be impossible and, truthfully, unfair of me to pick just one to comment on.  So in the spirit of ‘catching up,’ here’s a random selection of comments on recent events for your enjoyment.

Did House Speaker John Boehner really just force every Republican to support the experiment in social Darwinism known as the Ryan budget?  Wow.  The Democratic Party should send him a thank-you card.

Representative Anthony Weiner, D-NY, is in a bit of a pickle over a lewd picture of someone’s cucumber.  While he has said he was the victim of a hack against his Twitter account, he should have just come clean about the picture.

Speaking of coming clean, how about Sen. Ensign and Sen. Coburn?  How much hush money did they pay, anyway?  I think the question here is ‘who did he do, and when did he do her?’

Better late than never:  George Allen, R-Va, has finally apologized for the “macaca” incident that lost him an election to democrat Joe Wilson in 2006.  He says the incident helped make him more sensitive about such things.  Most of us learn these things by first grade.  I guess some people are slow learners.

Glenn Beck announced recently that his last broadcast on Fox will be June 30.  I wonder where his loyal fans will go for their paranoid right-wing conspiracy theorist rantings?  That’s right, there’s always G. Gordon Liddy.

Have you ever noticed how Sarah Palin’s voice rises when she’s saying something particularly stupid?  Listen to her appalling answer to a reporter’s question about Paul Revere and you’ll see what I mean.  It’s as if she knows she’s going off the rails but can’t stop herself.  And yet, some people still think she’s presidential material.

How is it that so many conservative Christians also think Ayn Rand was a great philosopher? Are they not aware that she was an atheist whose ideas are in direct opposition to the teachings of Christ, or do they simply not care?

That was fast:  Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign died less than a day after it started when he made the mistake of telling the truth by calling the Ryan budget “right-wing social engineering.”  Honesty?  We’ll have none of that in the modern Republican party, thank you very much!

We got Bin Laden. I still have friends in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Can they come home now?

That’s all for now. I hope you all have a safe and fun summer, remember to use sunscreen, do lots of swimming, and if you’re in classes, don’t forget to study.


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