Why is President Barack Obama favored by people of color?



By Ciara Watson

Some people wonder why minorities feel so moved by President Obama.

Many people say, “Well he is just loved by Blacks and other minorities because he is Black?”

My response: “What is wrong with that?”

As a proud African American woman, I need to see, listen to, learn from, growth with, and gain wisdom from leaders who look like me.

The way many minorities feel about President Obama is not meant to be a racial divide between non minorities, rather how we feel about Obama is meant to uplift a vast majority of people from a mentally isolated place that so many were sure that we could never overcome.

President Obama’s Wednesdsay visit to the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Baxter Arena is a once in a lifetime event.

His visit means something to us.

Not because he is the President of the United States of America, but because he is a living representation of what minorities in this great country of ours is capable of.

Obama is a example of what us minorities have been claiming to be for centuries.

We are hard workers.

We are humble.

We are smart.

We are compassionate.

We have style that cannot be altered from who we truly are.

President Obama is me.


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