UNO Starts the year with Parking Panic

Cars back up in the east garage long after 10 a.m. classes have started. Photo by Andrew Smith

Navigating the parking lots at UNO for the fall semester has become a daily exercise in frustration, as students and staff search for parking on campus. The situation has escalated to the point where professors are forced to cancel classes and students are left trapped in hour long lines to leave. There has been a groundswell of complaints and demands for solutions.

With the start of the new academic year, the issue of parking has taken center stage on campus. Despite the UNO’s student enrollment being lower this year than in previous years the demand for parking spaces continues to out due the supply.

Many students have reported spending significant amounts of time circling the lots in search of an open space, often resulting in tardiness to classes.  Leo Monardo, a student at UNO expressed his frustration, saying, “They should only sell parking passes as much as they have spots. They should assign us parking spots.”

The situation has only been intensified by construction on campus claiming what were once available parking spots. One student who wished to be anonymous said “The construction at H&K takes over more than twelve spots, if I am paying for parking, I should be guaranteed a spot.”

Parking down on sidewalks, grassy areas, and unprotected roads has become an unfortunate norm on campus. Students who park in Elmwood Park, which has had previous incidents of crimes, one being an attempted kidnapping in 2019, are parked directly behind another leaving them trapped.

On UNO’s MavPark website, a place where students and staff purchase parking permits, UNO states “Parking on campus is a privilege, not a right. Failure to abide by these parking regulations may cause revocation of parking privileges on campus. Lack of available parking is not a valid reason to park illegally.”

As the fall semester continues, the terrible parking saga remains an ongoing challenge, students and staff work to make it to classes on time hoping one day, the parking pandemonium will end.