Oversized greeting card gets students’ attention


By Kelsey Jochum, Entertainment Editor

Students caught a glimpse of the Freshman Leadership Council (FLC) last week, as they stood both inside and outside the student center with an oversized greeting card, urging passersby to write messages for incoming freshmen.  The greeting card, which will be presented to incoming freshmen this fall, is a new idea the FLC hopes to make a UNO tradition.

 “We wanted to do something that the Freshman Leadership Council could be known for,” said FLC member Martha Spangler.

The Freshman Leadership Council is a branch of Student Government. Newly formed this academic year, the council serves as a body for freshman who want to learn more about Student Government and the UNO campus. The idea for the greeting card was the result of a goal to make the incoming freshman feel more welcome on campus.

“We had a meeting last semester where we brainstormed ideas and presented them to the entire group,” Spangler said. “We landed on the idea of setting a Guinness World Record, and that’s where the giant greeting card idea came in.”

Although the group wasn’t able to claim a world record, because they couldn’t find a company to print a card large enough, they remained firm on the idea of a giant greeting card, which was open for students on campus to sign April 18 through April 20 near the student center.

“We didn’t get as many signatures as we thought we would initially, but we definitely filled the card quickly,” Spangler said. “We got the first 300 signatures in the first hour and ended up having students sign the back of the card as well. We even got a state trooper to sign the card.”

In light of the fact that this was a first-year tradition, many students on campus weren’t sure what to think of the giant greeting card.

“Some people walked by and were shocked by the size of the card,” Spangler said. “But once I said they could get a free cookie if they signed, people came over.”

The FLC hopes that the success of this year’s project will be cause for a similar tradition in future years. In this way, they hope to make each new freshman class feel a part of UNO from the moment they step on campus.


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