‘Outer Banks’ proves to be binge-worthy during social distancing


Natasha McCallister

Looking for a new show to watch? Netflix’s original series “Outer Banks” is the perfect binge-worthy show for those who are feeling bored with all of the streaming options.

The audience follows the narrator, John, and his group of friends around the outer banks. They call themselves the Pogues.

There’s J.J, John’s best friend who appears to be the cause of trouble. He’s the kid that says “Screw conscience. Let’s live!” J.J. stays at John’s place most of the time because his home life is worse than John’s.

The only girl in the group is Kiara, a rich girl who hangs out with them, although they don’t really know why. She fights for what is right, even if it makes her parents unhappy. There might also be some sparks between Kiara and John. This is a show revolving around teens – there is going to be a love triangle somewhere in this story.

Pope is the fourth and final member of the Pogues. He is the smart one who keeps most of his friends out of trouble, yet, somehow, still finds himself in trouble.

The Pogues live on the south side of the island called The Cut. People work to survive there. On the other side, rich folks have electricity after a hurricane. This paradise is called Figure Eight or what the Pogues call the Kooks. There is much tension between the two.

John lives alone. His uncle is his guardian but is off in another state. He is trying to stay out of foster care by avoiding the authorities, but he is honest and good when it matters. Oh, and his dad? Missing!

Well, he’s been missing for nine months and was presumed dead after the third month missing.  John hasn’t given up hope, though.

The day after a hurricane hits town, events start to happen. The Pogues go out into the marsh – a place the police have blocked off – and do stupid things like ride fast on the boat and drink, just kids having fun.

A sandbank stops the boat in their tracks and a new sunken boat appears. Who does the boat belong to? The Pogues have to investigate.

Also, a man claimed missing shows up dead. Coincidence, right?

If that is not enough, John finds an artifact from the sunken boat and realizes that it belonged to his father. Wait. Does this mean his father’s alive?

Other people are looking for the artifact too, and they mean business. This artifact is supposed to lead to a sunken ship that is supposed to hold a valuable object that is worth millions. That means treasure hunt!

“Outer Banks” is a modern version of the classic movie “The Goonies.” Ranked number three in U.S. Today, “Outer Banks” provides mystery, adventure, friendship and maybe even a little romance. It’s available for binge-watching on Netflix.