Out with the old, in with the new, improved NU ID MavCard system


By Elizabeth Zielinski

New student identification cards are currently being issued to all enrolled students. The old ID cards will have holds placed on them beginning Sept. 8.

In addition to serving as identification, the newly-issued cards will have the new NU ID numbers on them, and will be used as library cards and for access to the HPER building.

“The registrar wanted to get the new ID numbers out to as many students as possible as soon as possible, and what better way to do that than to put it on a card they’ll always have in their wallet,” said Brian Bollich, MavCard Services assistant director. “And it can combine the proximity card with the ID. Who doesn’t want one less thing to have to carry around in their pockets?”

The new cards will also serve as debit cards at selected outlets on campus. The bookstore, convenience store, Milo Bail Student Center food court, Peter Kewit Institute food court and the Maverick Buffet will all accept the card. The card can also be used for printing in many computer labs on campus, the library print system and in some vending machines.

“As the years go by, I’m sure we’ll add more services,” Bollich said.

Funds can be added to the card at the MavCard Services office on the second floor of the student center Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cash can also be added to the cards anytime at four card value kiosks, located in the main floor of the library, the first floor of the student center, the vending area of PKI or in the first floor vending area of Arts and Sciences Hall.

The MavCard Web site, mavcard.unomaha.edu, can also receive deposits to the account from the card holder. The site also provides options for recurring deposits, emails to warn of a low balance, and registration of others on the account to add funds.

The design of the new card is very different from the old card and features a Maverick prominently on its front.

“It’s more UNO specific than the old white cards,” Bollich said. “It has with it more UNO identity and school spirit.”

The MavCard Services office is funded with a $4 student ID fee assessed each semester.

Bollich said that the new cards are available now to all enrolled students.

“Of course, the worst time to get them will be the first week of classes,” he said.


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