OPINION: Why Job Hunting is Hard During COVID


Mariah Koeneke

Some reminders for soon-to-be graduates during COVID. Graphic by Mariah Koeneke.

Job hunting can be absolutely daunting at times. I’ve found it to be especially hard as of lately. The economy is in shambles and the job market is wild due to COVID-19. We are all told that job hunting will be relatively easy with the skills we have gained through collegiate studies and preparations. However, I am here to say that it is not that easy.

I have been desperately applying for all kinds of jobs since September, only to get multiple rejections after initial interviews or a simple application with tailored resumes and cover letters.

I’m sure we all have cover letters and resumes that we think are curated perfectly with the exact content employers are looking for.

Turns out, that only goes so far.

Most jobs right now require so much experience that we, as college students, could not possibly have. Yes, internships provide us some of the experience necessary if you are lucky enough to secure one.

Now, back to the economy and job market. With everything potentially shutting down again, we could see another halt in the job market. It’s disheartening being a near-graduate with everything going on in the world right now, but even worse when you apply to a crazy number of jobs, only to never hear back or get an almost immediate rejection.

Jobs are being posted daily, but mandates and CDC guidelines also change daily right along with those postings.

It’s a scary and questionable time in our young lives, especially when you don’t know how long you’ll have to worry about working in retail, food service, etc., to keep yourself afloat while the world changes. This will not be over soon, and this will forever change our lives. In a way, COVID is completely reshaping how we find jobs, make livings and provide for ourselves.

During the first shutdown, people assumed life would resume after a few months and everything would go back to normal. However, that has not happened yet, and it is a long way off from where we are now.

Understanding exactly what is going on, what skills you have and where you would be valued for having and applying them is key.