OPINION: The dangers of having unvaccinated students on campus


Jared Sindt

Getting vaccinated is an easy way to help slow the spread. Photo courtesy of Nebraska Medicine.

Six months ago, I took time out of my schedule to vaccinate myself against a virus that kept me distant from my loved ones for the past year. Today, there are still those who would rather continue living in this pandemic and putting people at risk instead of getting vaccinated.

With COVID numbers still on the rise, it is not hard to figure why many people are still taking precautions. Unvaccinated students on campus increase the likelihood of an outbreak, as well as infection of those already vaccinated. Though you may be vaccinated, it doesn’t mean you’re fully immune.

Louisiana is exploding with new cases and hospitals are admitting more young people than ever before. However, these numbers  have also influenced more people to get the vaccine. For our sake, I hope Omaha won’t have to go through this just to convince people they should be vaccinated.

Having unvaccinated students walking around campus without masks is just asking for an outbreak. Every unvaccinated student who catches the virus just increases the chances of those who are vaccinated to catch it as well.

A new variant poses a threat as well—the delta variant is a COVID strain that spreads faster than the original and is dangerous to those who are unvaccinated. If this strain were to affect Omaha more than it already has, anyone unvaccinated on campus would be at serious risk. This alone would cause the university to rethink their mask mandate and potentially in-person classes.

Although this new variant doesn’t seem to give vaccinated people many severe symptoms, they can still receive and spread the new variant faster than COVID’s previous incarnations.

If you are one of the people who have chosen to not get the vaccine, for whatever reason, I urge you to reconsider. If not for you, do it for the good of your loved ones and the university.

Whether you are afraid of vaccines themselves, don’t trust the government or just think because you are young and healthy, please reconsider. It takes more time to attend one of your classes than it does to get the vaccine.

If you are afraid of the vaccine, know that there is little reason to be. Although there are small risks posed by the vaccine, none of them are more dangerous than catching COVID.

The end of the pandemic is near, but to get there, we will need the unvaccinated to put aside grievances they have and do what’s best for everyone. However long that takes is up to them.