OPINION: Reflections and portents on MavRadio

CPACS 106 B. Where the magic happens. Photo by Jackson Piercy

I sat on the sidelines when I first joined MavRadio due to my reticence. However, thanks to Nate Swets, that did not last long. Nate was in charge of the music department at the time. We started discussing our love of music and great albums. I’ve always loved discussing how those albums changed music and impacted the world. I always wanted to make content around it, but I procrastinated. Nate encouraged me to create a show about it and jump into creating it. Turning my passion into content and actual content felt rewarding.

The show called “Jerome’s Music Journal,” and many others, can be found at the MavRadio OnDemand on YouTube. I began to jump on the radio and discuss albums and even went around campus asking students about their favorite bands, songs, or current topics around music. However, I would have loved to ask who the best performer between Taylor Swift and Beyonce are. Something tells me that the music world has not seen the last of this debate.

I was also lucky enough to interview musicians such as Mikey Hood from the Hoods, Luke Henderiks from Teenage Halloween and even Omaha comedian Tyrel Fraizer. MavRadio helped build my interview skills while Professor Jodeane Brownlee allowed me to create a platform based on my varied passions.

Our teamwork is felt at our significant events. The event Wear Black, Give Back is a great example of collaboration as a 24-hour day of giving to the University of Nebraska at Omaha. There is a lot of stuff that happens behind the scenes. Staff members create promos, stories, and packages for that particular day. Sometimes the station even goes live with UNO television and crew members often lift each other during these extended hours. During these times, the staffs often combine their strengths and work on many projects together. A staff member who has worked with audio can share their skills with a videographer. Watching them learn from each other can be rewarding to see.

The opportunity to meet industry professionals is also a great aspect of MavRadio. The staff gets a chance to go to the Midwest Journalism Conference. Staff members get a chance to create content for awards, which is a fantastic feeling.

The rewards and growth that I have gotten from MavRadio are genuinely amazing—being able to leave a legacy with music content, perhaps for my career post-college. I will always cherish the bonds and relationships I have built. I recommend any student seeking growth to look into MavRadio.