OPINION: ‘Kenobi’ series theory


Jared Sindt

The six-episode series is coming to Disney+ in 2022. Image courtesy of Disney+.

Star Wars” has been making big moves recently. With the announcement of “The Book of Boba Fett drawing fans and “The Mandalorian being a hit TV show, Dave Faloni appears to be pushing the franchise in the right direction.

The two newest shows, however, have the potential to bring more attention to “Star Wars” than ever. Both the shows “Kenobi and “Ashoka bring back fan-favorite characters to tell new stories, with fans everywhere anticipating their premieres.

As a “Star Wars” fan myself, I know the importance and history these shows have, connecting lore from both animated shows and the movies. The Kenobi show, however, has more potential than some may realize.

Kenobi will take place sometime between episode three and four, meaning the results of order 66 will be shown. This show has the potential to be connected to shows from the animated series as well as live action.

With the return of Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader and a rematch to be shown, it’s a safe bet to assume this matchup will be a visual spectacle that could impact the “Ashoka show.

Being the apprentice of Anakin/Vader, the mental toll it took on Ashoka was shown in “The Mandalorian.” With Hayden Christensen being casted in “Ashoka,” it is safe to assume those fears will be addressed, but it’s Ashoka herself who could make an appearance on “Kenobi as well, even if just for a cameo to build anticipation for her show.

“The Bad Batch” is another show that takes place around the same time “Kenobi will, and could potentially make an appearance. With Dave Faloni and Jon Favreau at the helm, anything can and will happen.

Crossovers and impact aside, the show will most likely find Obi-Wan looking after Luke or searching for the training Yoda spoke of in episode three. This gives lots of potential for the show to explore.

The biggest theory that I genuinely believe could happen is Vader winning the inevitable duel between him and Kenobi. This would be the only way to bring the show to make sense within the “Star Wars” timeline.

If Vader believes he left Kenobi for dead in their duel, it will not interfere with their meeting in “A New Hope. If anything, this confrontation would be strengthened with their meeting and each of them having bested the other previously.

Many different theories and possibilities have risen from this show, but one thing is clear: there has never been this much hype for “Star Wars” since “The Force Awakens premiered.

Seeing two of the biggest characters duel it out one last time is something any fan of “Star Wars” can get behind. I personally cannot wait to see how this show will continue to push “Star Wars” in the right direction.