Omaha World-Herald photographer, UNO alum to share ‘real world’ advice


Photo by Chris Machian
Photo by Chris Machian

Omaha World-Herald photographer Chris Machian will lead The Gateway Student Newspaper’s next installment of the Journalism Boot Camp lecture series tonight.

Each month a guest speaker from The Omaha World-Herald visits the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s student newspaper office, which is located in Room 113 of the Eppley Administration Building, to share about his or her profession.

The Gateway recently caught up with Machian, an alum, to ask him about his time at UNO. Here’s what he had to say:

Q. Tell us about your time at UNO. (What did you study? When did you graduate? Etc.)
A. I was a journalism major and graduated in 2004. I was photographer, then photo editor at The Gateway. I did a little bit everything there except sell ads.

Q. Share your most memorable moment from your time at The Gateway?
A. There are a few moments that stick out. Finding Dick Cheney on campus randomly during former President George W’s first run and working on the story about the guy who almost fell to his death before a UNO Hockey game.

Q. How has being involved in The Gateway helped prepare you for your current position at The Omaha World-Herald?
A. When I see people who have never worked at The Gateway, they assume they can just walk into a job at the OWH. You have to learn to accept and grow from criticism from your editors. Most of those who just try to get by on their classes can’t accept criticism and never really grow.

Q. What’s one bit of advice you’d like students to take away from your Monday discussion?
A.There is huge difference between journalism classes and the real world. Your professors can start you on the path, but you have to take what they give you and run with it to finish the journey.

Q. As a photojournalist, is there a particular thing you enjoy shooting more than other topics?
A. I love history. I enjoy knowing that when people look up stories about certain historical events that my photos will help paint the picture.

The intent of Journalism Boot Camp is to connect professionals and college students in the following fields of communication: newsprint, photography, graphic design, layout design, broadcast and radio. During the hour-long lecture series, students will ask questions about the professional’s “real world” experiences.

The 6:30 p.m. event is free and open to the UNO community.


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