Omaha publishers becoming known voice in city’s growing literature scenelast


Brooke Criswell
Online Content Manager

EAB Publishing is a small but mighty firm that has every skill needed to grow Omaha as a writing community.

Tim Benson started the publishing firm in 2013 after assisting local authors self-publish their work. He contact AE Stueve, who is now managing editor, to start a publishing company. Benson loves books and Stueve loves what is inside of them.

“I pitched the idea of a literary magazine and a few novels each year to AE Stueve and the details fell into place from there,” Tim Benson said.

Their team now consist of editors, copy editors, layout designers, advertising members and marketing director.

“Midnight Circus” is a quarterly published literary magazine that is released on the solstice or equinox of each season. Writers are asked to submit poems and or prose according to the specified theme for each issue. “Midnight Circus” tends to be classic science-fiction and have short story collections. Each year they choose one artist to do the front covers.

“We chose to publish both poetry and prose because many readers are not exposed to one or the other, but this gives an opportunity to sample it,” Benson said. “By having a single theme for each issue, readers feel they are on common ground when they try out the unknown work.”

They also publish works across other genres. Their most successful novel is “The Adventures of Braxton Revere” by Jeremy Morong. Other novels they have released are “The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes” by

David Atkinsons and their very own AE Stueve’s “The ABC’s of Drinkology” in 2014.

This October the firm will release their first memoir, “Lies Jane Austen Told Me” by Julie Rowse. They are also working on two titles for 2016 releases. EAB Publishing is closed to novel and collected work submissions.

EAB will be celebrating two years with a public reading from many of its’ prolific writers on October 8 from 6-8 p.m. at Kaneko- UNO Creative library at 1111 Jones Street.

Submissions for the literary magazine can be sent to



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