Night Market at Turner Park


Jared Sindt

A variety of artists gather for the Night Market event. Photo courtesy of Jared Sindt/The Gateway.

Artists lined the streets to display their art and interact with the community. All kinds of art were on display, along with lively music and delicious food.

Project manager Allison Seibert spoke on the uniqueness of the Night Market and what each vendor brings to the event.

“They’re all unique, you know, we have different jewelry vendors but they’re all unique in how they make their jewelry,” Seibert said. “We have photography booths, and handmade metal signs—it’s all unique and I think people really enjoy that they can go to each different booth and it’s something different.”

According to the Omaha Farmers Market website, there are a total of 32 vendors who set up shop at the Night Market—each with their own unique work that the community can come and interact with.

Josie Muñoz is a tattoo artist who set up shop at the Night Market to display her work and get people to come into her parlor. Muñoz spoke on what she values about the Night Market.

“It’s really great to just talk to people and get to know them on a more personal level,” Muñoz said. “I’ve gotten a lot of recurring customers from events like this, and I am so grateful for this community.”

Vendors sell their work to the community. Photo courtesy of Jared Sindt.

The event also had food artists as well. makes some of the best fried egg rolls, and each customer makes a very personal connection. Laura’s husband spoke on why they came back to the market.

“Mostly meeting the people and stuff like that, people are very complimentary about tasting food stuff like that and telling you whether they like it or not,” Laura’s husband said. “So we have a lot of repeat customers, so that’s kind of a reassuring thing.”

Each vendor gives their customers a very human experience that is much needed after the isolation of COVID-19. Seibert is grateful that the pandemic did not turn people away this year.

“Our team has thought this has been super successful along with the vendors, we’ve gotten some really good feedback from them,” Seibert said. “So yeah, I think overall we’re really happy with it just with taking a year off and not knowing what was gonna happen.”

The Night Market had its final event last Friday, but it will return next year. Until then, the community can be excited for the holiday event around the corner.