NETWAR at Baxter Arena


Jared Sindt

According to NETWAR’s website, the organization has already raised more than $126,540 for charity and received multiple sponsors. Photo courtesy of Jared Sindt/The Gateway.

NETWAR is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to hosting esports events in Omaha, Nebraska. Saturday, April 9, it hosted its 20th anniversary at Baxter Arena.

According to their website: “NETWAR 40.0 will support local hospitals in Omaha, Nebraska, working with Gamers Outreach, our event proceeds will be able to furnish GO Karts. These (GO Karts) are portable, medical-grade video game kiosks that enable hospital staff to easily provide bedside recreation to hospitalized children who are unable to leave their rooms.”

Their website also shows that their organization has already raised $126,540 for charity and has received multiple sponsors.

So, what happens at NETWAR? Event goers can purchase a table for themselves through the website or enroll their entire team to participate in esports-like events.

After purchasing a table, attendees can bring their own gaming setups to the arena for a weekend of non-stop gaming. Sleeping bags and pillows were also required for anyone planning on staying overnight to continue gaming the next day.

Attendees can choose to play more casual with friends or go after prizes and trophies with their teams. Prizes included PC parts, keyboards and snacks.

Awards and trophies that can be won at the event. Photo courtesy of Jared Sindt/The Gateway.

Anyone wanting to watch the tournaments could look at the Jumbotron and watch teams battle it out for the prizes. There was a delay to make sure no cheating took place.

The gamers there could also take part in a VR laser tag arena and play older games on retro computers.

Travis Kreikemeier is the founder, president and chairman of NETWAR. He was able to shine some light on the current success of the event.

“We have about 440 people coming out, which is down from last year at around 600,” Kreikemeier said, “It is still very successful, but we attribute the lower attendance to people wanting to make other plans after COVID.”

Kreikemeier said their sponsors did increase this year, making the event a successful endeavor. He hopes the event will continue to get more sponsors and have more attendees in the years to come.