NERDbraska is a meeting of the minds


Derek Munyon
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Scriptown Brewing Company at 3922 Farnam St, was moderately crowded on Tuesday.  Roughly half of those there were attending NERDbraska, a creative workshop set up by AIGA Nebraska.

While all kinds of creativity is welcome – at least two authors were present – the event does lean more toward developers, programmers and entrepreneurs.  At NERDbraska, creators can pitch a new business, get input on projects or just talk with friends.  The goal of the event is to cater to different people and different tastes.  It attempts to include everyone.

“It’s a place to throw ideas against the wall and see what sticks,” said William Riley, one of the main contributors to the event.

NERDbraska has an event in Omaha and an event in Lincoln once every month.  Tuesday’s meeting was the eighth in Omaha since it’s inception.  It always changes venues; in the past it was held at venues like Spielbound, Aroma’s Coffeehouse and various places in West Omaha.

The workshop wound down quickly, quicker than usual according to Riley and the majority of the group migrated next door to Mula for tacos.  Through conversation about marriages, careers, home upkeep and Donald Trump jokes, it was easy to see that this event is about more than just setting up and discussing projects.  It’s about setting up friendship and making connections with people who could become vital for you in the future.

“Come down and bring your friends, bring your family, talk about what you’re working on,” said Riley.

NERDbraska is free to attend, you can find it’s location any month on their website



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