NEFP launches telehealth pilot for sexual health care


Jenna Janssen
News Editor

Healthcare clinics across Nebraska are now offering virtual appointments for several sexual and reproductive healthcare services. Photo courtesy of Reece Ristau.

Nebraska Family Planning (NEFP), which works to provide access to reproductive health care services and education, has launched a new campaign called “In Control.” The purpose of the campaign is to help Nebraskans access virtual and affordable healthcare.  

NEFP aims to provide virtual healthcare regardless of age, economic status, residence or native language. As of right now, virtual healthcare services are being supported by a select group of pilot agencies supported by NEFP, which administers state Title X funding.

Title X funding is federal money that ensures everyone has access to a broad range of sexual and reproductive healthcare. It is the only federal grant program dedicated solely to providing people with all-inclusive family planning and preventive health services across the U.S. Title X clinics are low cost or free, with insurance being optional. Fees are determined through a sliding fee scale based on household income and the number of people in the household.

“Everyone deserves quality sexual and reproductive health services, but we know that far too many Nebraskans aren’t able to access such care because of finances, time constraints or challenges getting to a healthcare provider,” Mariel Harding, RN, MPH, Senior Director of Programs & Initiatives at Nebraska Family Planning said.

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