Nebraskans with the Red Cross preparing to deploy; assist those in path of Hurricane Florence

Congressman Don Bacon and Red Cross CEO Jill Orton speak at a press conference. Photo by Tim Eaves.

Tim Eaves

As the Carolinas and Virginia prepare for Hurricane Florence to make landfall, 11 Nebraskans are preparing to deploy with the Red Cross.

Region Red Cross Chief Executive Officer Jill Orton, serving Kansas, Nebraska and the south-west Iowa, spoke today at a press conference where she announced three local Omaha people and eight others from across Nebraska who are preparing to bring aide and support to the cities impacted by Hurricane Florence.

Orton said the volunteers are heading to Durham, North Carolina where they will join the state’s evacuation efforts and later help with Red Cross shelters. Although the Red Cross will stay until they are no longer needed, volunteers typically sign up for two or three-week time periods.

Orton said many volunteers take a week off and come right back to continue help in the recovery efforts.

“I think we learn every time we do this,” Orton said. “We’re getting better and better about really providing what’s needed at the right time.”

Congressman Don Bacon spoke at the conference and expressed the importance of the American people helping each other in a time of need.

“That’s what Americans do, we come together to help out,” Bacon said. “Often it’s our citizens not only our military but citizens, who step forward immediately and make a difference”.

Bacon said it’s important for Nebraska to help in relief efforts because it easily could be Nebraskans who need assistance. He used the 2011 Missouri flooding for as an example of a situation that could have been worse and a cause for major assistance.

The Red Cross says a high priority right now for individuals looking to assist are donations. Red Cross is accepting donations on their website but also by texting 9099-Red Cross Florence, everything will be directly sent to help in this Hurricane aide.