Nebraska Shakespeare kicks off anniversary


Kelly Langin

To kick off Nebraska Shakespeare’s 30th anniversary, the organization will partner with Aksarben Cinema to present two films based on Shakespearean works. This film event, Shakespeare on the Silver-screen, features “Hamlet” and “Macbeth” on Feb. 10 and 24, respectively.

Both films will feature a discussion on the film and its interpretation to the text. Sarah Carlson-Brown, Nebraska Shakespeare’s Director of Education, and D. Scott Glasser, Professor and Theatre Coordinator at University of Nebraska at Omaha, will lead the discussion on “Hamlet.” Vincent Carlson-Brown, Nebraska Shakespeare’s Artistic Director, will lead the discussion on “Macbeth.”

2009’s “Hamlet” is a made-for-TV adaptation of Royal Shakespeare Company’s modern-dress stage production. David Tennant (“Doctor Who”) plays Hamlet and Patrick Stewart (“Star Trek” films) plays Claudius.

The show is much like “Romeo + Juliet” — the 1996 Leonardo Di-Caprio one — where the characters are dressed in modern-day costumes but the original Shakespearean dialogue remains the same. The movie portrays the title character as a vengeful man whose father is murdered, and his mother marries the murderer.

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“Macbeth” is a 1979 film — also a made-for-TV adaptation of a Royal Shakespeare Company production. Ian McKellan (“Lord of the Rings” films) plays Macbeth and Judi Dench (“James Bond” films) plays Lady Macbeth. The film follows the title character, a member of the Scottish military, as he receives a revelation from three witches saying he will be King of Scotland someday. Macbeth begins his quest for power with a murder, and must keep killing in order to keep the murders a secret.

The cost is $10 per movie per person at 6 p.m. on Feb. 10 and Feb. 24.

Nebraska Shakespeare is a non-profit most known for its annual Shakespeare on the Green series. The organization also collaborates with Omaha Symphony for performances for middle and high school students, and holds Camp Shakespeare for children.


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