Nebraska Makers Market


Jared Sindt

The Makers Market took place in Nebraska’s Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum early this month. Photo courtesy of Trip Advisor.

The Nebraska Makers Market took place Dec. 4-6 at the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum.

The holiday market featured something new, with inventors, researchers, artists and even vintage vendors hosting booths at the event. The Aerospace Museum also hosted festivities, such as a visit with Santa, to help get kids invested in the market.

Local mother Josie Smith took her son to see Santa to get her son interested in something new.

“It had been a while since we’d been to the Aerospace Museum for one thing,” Smith said. “We wanted Joslyn to see Santa, and then there was the market that had some exhibits to look at, as well as some of the hands-on science experiment things.”

Researchers and inventors took to the market to showcase the work they do in the Nebraska community. Many of the science vendors were able to share their discoveries and creations with the families attending the event.

Among the many researchers were Omaha’s own astronomy society, who took to the market to showcase the research they had done and the pictures they’d taken of the stars.

Member of the community Jack Bergman shared his thoughts on the event and why it was important to their society.

“It was nice to see so many people come out,” Bergman said. “We had a lot of cool research done and images taken. We also produced a cool booklet for the public to read. We hope to be out next year and continue to share our research with the community.”

Bergman and other scientists were excited to get the chance to share their knowledge with the public and even receive feedback.

“Lots of people said that what we were doing was really awesome to have in Nebraska and we even had some people want to sign up,” Bergman said.

The society shared their telescope images they had taken and their booklet of research, which stated that they were able to see more with new technology than they ever had before.

“We may not have been able to make any new discoveries this year, but with technology advancing and us getting better gear, anything is possible for the future,” Bergman said.

Regardless of the reason, all vendors at the event had something new to contribute and share with the community in hopes of improving the knowledge and lives of everyone attending.