NAMIWalks Your Way 2022: Together for Mental Health


Britney Bearfield

Nebraska participants showing their solidarity and advocacy for Mental Health Awareness. Photo courtesy of NAMI Nebraska.

It’s time to stand up and join the nation’s greatest and most successful mental health movement! Nebraska’s National Alliance on Mental Illness celebrates 20 years of NAMIWalks Your Way and promises to be the most significant event ever. NAMIWalks Your Way Nebraska is scheduled for Saturday, May 21, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Skip Palrang Memorial Fieldhouse.

It is more than a single event; it is a movement and an incredible chance for the community to demonstrate solidarity, raise mental health awareness and combat stigma associated with mental illness.

“NAMIWalks Nebraska is all about breaking the stigma and raising awareness about mental health,” said Carrin Meadows, NAMI Nebraska’s Interim Executive Director. “With the increased awareness of mental health, our hope is that we can drive more engagement and support for taking care of our mental health through a collaborative effort of our community members and organizations.”

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, anxiety and depressive disorders have risen from 9.2% to 11.7%, notably among persons aged 18 to 29 and those with less than a high school diploma. Amid the pandemic, anxiety and depression illnesses continue to plague young adults, making mental health advocacy even more critical.

NAMIWalks participants can participate in a variety of ways, including jogging a 5k on a treadmill or stationary bike, hosting a virtual paint and sip party, and engaging in self-care routines. Additionally, individuals can engage via social media by uploading images and videos with the hashtag #NAMINEverAlone.

This event’s fundraising goal is $60,000. Participants have already raised $23,485 in total. This event is an incredible opportunity to educate the community on mental health and the resources available to them if they or a loved one is experiencing mental health difficulties. All contributions will assist to ensure that no member of the community is ever alone when facing a mental health crisis and that they have access to free services and top-rated programs. To begin fundraising, visit and register as a team leader, team member or sponsor.

If you are interested in increasing awareness of mental illness and educating the campus community, all students are invited to join NAMI On Campus, a student-run group that carries out the NAMI mission on college campuses. For more information visit NAMI at UNO.

“The more you know, the more power you have,” said Meadows. “Knowledge is power to creating an acceptance of Mental Illness within a community; this power can cause a positive effect in our community.”

NAMI Nebraska is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality mental health education and support services throughout the state, enhancing the resources and quality of life available to those living with mental illness and their families.