9 movies to see over Valentine’s Day weekend

Photo Courtesy of fandango.com

Jeff Turner

Fifty Shades Darker
The sequel to the commercial success “Fifty Shades of Grey” sees a new director and the premise getting sillier. Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson get back together after their split in the last movie. But a figure from Christian’s past (Kim Basinger) starts to get in the way. Presumably there’s discipline involved.

A portrait of one of America’s most famous relationships, “Jackie” is fundamentally about a woman needing to demonstrate great poise while she is in deep mourning over her husband.

A Dog’s Purpose
What’s more romantic than an animal cruelty controversy? (A joke, please don’t take a date to see this movie on Valentine’s Day.)

La La Land
The leading frontrunner for Best Picture is still in theaters and is just as good the second and third times as it was the first. Damien Chazelle has established himself as a director for the ages and “La La Land” is a surefire future classic.

Re-released into theaters, “Moon-light” chronicles the sexual awakening of a young black man in Miami, and his eventual romance with a childhood friend, which extends well into their adult lives. “Moonlight” finds peace in chaos for these characters, and there is an affection for them and their love.

After getting lost on a train at age 5, Saroo (Dev Patel) is adopted by a loving Australian family. 25 years later, in his adulthood, he gets a growing urge to find his original parents. “Lion” is fundamentally about the love a child can share for his family, and about how an adopted family can come to know and love a child that was never thiers. It is about familial bonds, and the good things people are willing to do for one another.

The LEGO Batman Movie
Another light outing guaranteed offer a lot of laughter. The film just looks like fun, and sometimes that is enough to justify date night. The film follows Batman as he adopts an orphan (voice of Michael Cera) to cope with his loneliness. Early reviews are praising it as a fun Batman movie.

“Paterson” is a gorgeous film with a couple who sincerely love each other as a centerpiece. Plus, that dog deserves an Oscar. It follows the poetry of everyday life, and the couple at its center never get mad at one another as they each continually make sacrifices to keep the other happy. It’s a film with a mature understanding of relationships, and a total delight.

The Space Between Us
Gardner Elliot (Asa Butterfield) was born on Mars and has an online relationship with a girl named Tulsa (Britt Robertson), when he pressures his dad (Gary Oldman) into letting him come to earth to be with her, his dad opposes the trip, but eventually it works. However, eventually Gardner is unable to handle Earth’s atmosphere, so he runs the risk of being sent back. He and Tulsa now must find out what is the best option for him going forward and why he is the way he is.