Meet UNO’s next student body president: Carlo Eby


Cassie Wade

Carlo Eby is set to be the next University of Nebraska at Omaha Student Body President after competing in the first election race with more than one candidate in five years.

Eby, who is a junior majoring in business with a concentration in finance, won the election by 142 votes, according to the student government Facebook page.

Eby has been involved in student government for three years as a student senator. He said running for president has been something he’s always had his eye on.

“Ultimately, though, I felt like I had the experience and background knowledge; I had the ideas and the connections to ultimately serve in this position,” Eby said. “I know a lot of people from a lot of different walks of life here on campus, and I know how things work, not only at the university level, but at the board of regents level.”

Eby plans to bring new ideas to student government, including four pillars to hold himself and the student senators accountable to. The pillars are accountability, transparency, feedback and inclusion.

“In every meeting I go into, in every project that we work on as a student government, we need to be meeting as many of those pillars as possible,” Eby said.

Eby also plans to create an inclusion panel or presidential cabinet made up of representatives from different student organizations, such as Greek life, international students and LGBT students.

“I want to get as many populations represented as we can and have a monthly meeting and say, alright, what’s going on in your organizations? How can I help?” Eby said. “As well as communicate from my end, alright, this is what student governments working on. Share it to your organization; share it to your population.”

Throughout his presidency, Eby plans to emphasize the importance of outside voices communicating with student government.

“The biggest thing to know about me is that I’m here to help, and you just have to let me know how,” Eby said.

“I want to advocate for what you want advocated for, and I want to fight what you want me to fight for. I’m here to help. Tell me what to do.”

One of the main issues effecting students that Eby will face going into office next year will be budget cuts.

“A lot of it’s still up in the air, so we don’t really know what’s going to happen, but we need to prepare in order to best serve the students who will be impacted by this,” Eby said. “I don’t want