Meet Simon Clark: Filmmaker, entrepreneur, student


Candice Mayfield

Simon Clark, a UNO student, has developed his film-making skills for several years and has founded three different start-ups, including Simon Clark Productions. Photo courtesy of Simon Clark.

Three self start-ups, two nationally ranked music videos on public television and one dream. Simon Clark is a student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, but he’s also a young entrepreneur on the rise in the Metropolitan Omaha Area’s creative community.

Clark has been in the creative scene for as long as he can remember, and getting a head start in the business at such a young age shaped the professional he is now, he said. Clark Creative Group, his parents’ locally owned advertising agency, is where it all began.

“It was very inspirational and impactful allowing me to grow up in an environment that praised creativity,” Clark said.

A childhood engulfed in commercial advertisements, film making and media involvement is how Clark found his own personal niche in the scene.

Clark created his first start-up around the time he began college. Now, as he counts down the days to graduation, he has launched his third start-up – Simon Clark Productions.

Simon Clark Productions is Clark’s third start-up, it focuses on creative film-making like events and documentaries. Photo courtesy of Simon Clark.

“Simon Clark Productions focuses on creative projects, commercials and music videos,” Clark said.

The company already has a strong clientele that includes some established names in music. Clark and his team produced the music video for The Belles song “Beautiful Girl.” The song landed a #2 spot on Country Music Television (CMT) and aired on Nickelodeon’s Nick Music Network, bringing nationwide attention to Clark’s music video. Another accomplishment is his team’s production of the 2018 music video for “Didn’t Break Mine,” also by The Belles, which landed him a spot on CMT.

Clark has also worked with the Omaha Symphony, having his work displayed at a recent performance of the locally renowned music attraction.

His successes and his failures are something he takes pride in because without failing or the little road bumps along the way, he would not have made it as far as he has today, he said. He continues to grow from the person he was at the beginning of his professional journey.

Clark’s second start-up, Broccoli, is still going strong with more ideas in the works. Broccoli is the non-profit organization he created prior to Simon Clark Productions. Broccoli launched in early 2019 and is an online creative collaboration for the local community to share their work.

“My goal is to keep growing and to keep giving back to the creative community I came from—that’s a huge reason why I like to work with UNO students,” Clark said.

Clark said he wants to keep pursuing his creative profession and see where it takes him.
He said his personal recipe for success is, “Love what you do and then show what you do.”