MavRide kickoff, other events postponed


By Michael Wunder, Michael Wunder

In the wake of blizzard winds and drifting snow, Tuesday’s MavRide kickoff event has been postponed to Tuesday, Feb. 8.

The event will take place from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. in MBSC’s Fireplace lounge, where the first 400 attendees will receive passes for free Metro bus transportation.

The event’s organizers look forward to higher numbers of participants.

“I hope the turnout will be even better than expected, giving students an extra week to fit the event into their schedules,” said Megan Schmitz, Student Government Public Relations Officer. “Today alone we had over 100 students in the Student Government Office hoping for their pass – we’re hoping word of mouth will continue to spread.”

The MavRide kickoff was one of many events postponed or canceled due to inclement weather. Study sessions across campus were canceled, and the closing of buildings at 3 p.m. left students wanting access to the library or MBSC in the cold.

Events were canceled citywide as well. A Cancer Survivorship Group meeting at UNMC, an Omaha Science Café session at the Slowdown and after-school programs at the Kent Bellows studio were all among events postponed or canceled Tuesday night.

The inclement weather – blistering winds, freezing cold andvision-impairing snowdrifts — shut down the university and the city. At The Gateway, staff continued to work, writing and editing the newspaper from home.

In inclement weather, MavRide bus passes could come in handy.

“Today I saw 3 buses despite the bad weather,” Schmitz said. “I think if they’re able to get around, they’re still traveling.”


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