Maverick Productions’ announcement of hosting Logic causes excitement then frustration as tickets run out

Photo courtesy Wikimedia
Maverick Productions will be hosting Logic at Baxter Arena April 4.

Jessica Wade

Maverick Production’s announcement that the organization would be presenting Logic at Baxter Arena April 4 was met with excitement on social media. The organization tweeted a photo of a long line of students at Baxter Arena the day the $5 tickets went on sale.

Selling out rather quickly, the event seemed to be off to a good start. Unfortunately, MavPro didn’t account for mass buyers.

With no cap on how many tickets each student could purchase, some took advantage, buying for friends who couldn’t wait in line, and others reportedly purchased over 100 at once, planning to sell them at an increased rate.

The UNO fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) purchased a substantial amount of tickets with the intention of donating any money made from the sales to charity and donating 100 tickets to the Omaha Boys and Girls Club, a donation they still plan to make.

A Pike representative said that the fraternity had no intention of preventing students from acquiring tickets.

“We talked to our advisor, our chapter advisor, and we said this is a big financial decision we’re making here, but it was made with the intention of helping the university and charity,” the Pike representative said.

Pike returned over half of the tickets they purchased at the request of Assistant Director of Student Involvement Bari Marshall, and the Pike representative said they would have returned more tickets if the box office had sold out on Tuesday at the discounted rate for students.

“As with all shows, the box office has no control over what people do with tickets after they purchase them,” Marshall said. “When we realized the tickets were going fast, we were able to put 2,000 tickets back in circulation on Tuesday.”

With the return of 2,000 tickets from Pike, students were able to purchase at the $5 rate all day Tuesday before they were sold out Wednesday morning.

Emergency management major Lexi Anderson was one of many students to voice her frustration about the ticket situation.

“I waited an hour and a half in line on Monday to get tickets, and I’m seated at the very top because that’s the best they could do because everyone else had bought multiple tickets already,” Anderson said.

Executive Director of Maverick Productions Jordan Beltzner explained that because the organization was working with only one year of data gathered from the Flo Rida concert two years ago, they didn’t predict the turnout.

“This is our second arena show. We did not have a ticket limit with Flo Rida and sold around 2,600 tickets the first week,” Beltzner said. “With one year of data under our belt, we expected similar results.”

Beltzner also said that for the second day of ticket sales, a limit of ten tickets per MavCard was enforced.

“We appreciate and value feedback from students because it is the only way we can improve,” Beltzner said.

Students have a right to be frustrated and not just because of the ticket situation.

Even if there was a limit of one ticket per student, there would still only be space for roughly 6,800 students to attend. With 15,526 students enrolled at UNO as of 2015, less than half are able to attend an event that costs over $100,000 in student fees ($109,000 for Flo Rida).

Maverick Productions has a history of organizing fun and successful events for students. Perhaps instead of hosting another concert, the organization could put the money toward a more inclusive occasion.