MavLink 2.0 designed for ‘tech-savvy’ students


By Michael Wunder, News Editor

The new MavLink system was designed to update the clunky, outdated version of the online tool to suit today’s technologically advanced students, said recently re-elected student senator Terrence Batiste in an interview with the Gateway.

“The most pressing issue with MavLink was the user interface,” Batiste said.  “It was overly cumbersome for students.  Our students are pretty tech-savvy.  The old system was built more to interact with the general public, but our students were a bit more advanced.”

When word got out a focus group was being joined to redesign MavLink, Batiste was eager to join.

“I joined the focus group because people were constantly complaining,”  Batiste said.  “Mostly me.  I thought the old system had about a million flaws, and so did my friends.  It shouldn’t take 30 clicks to get to my schedule.”

Beginning January 20, Batiste and a group of students, faculty, administrators and MavLink designers met every Friday for four weeks.  They looked into every aspect of the old MavLink system and worked out all the kinks about which so many students had complained to Batiste.  Representatives from academic advising and the Registrar’s office were also present, in order to ensure no “vital pieces” were lost in the transition.

The result of the meetings was MavLink 2.0, of which Batiste is proud.

“I am very pleased with the new MavLink2.0, but I tend to really like things I work on,” he said.  “I haven’t heard much negative feedback, but I would encourage anyone to contact a me or another Student Government representative, and we would love to work out any and all problems.”

The focus group, Batiste said, was successful and well-operated.

“It really was a collaboration with students and faculty,” he said.  “I hope more things like this are done so that we can more fully engage our students.”


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