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Seattle Downey

Attending sporting events is a timeless tradition for many. For some, it is simply a favorite hang-out spot among friends. For others, it is a first date, a family outing or a moment of inspiration sparking in a young child.

Many students pile into bleachers time after time—be it at Caniglia Field for a soccer game, or Baxter Arena for a hockey smack-down— to watch the Mavericks show the world what they can do. Student athletes practice day and night, all year long, just to show off their talents and potentials in front of each crowd of fans.

University of Nebraska at Omaha junior Kriz Montero said going to different games and being a part of the crowd is important.

“We can make them proud to play for such a loving and supporting school,” Montero said.

Montero, along with many of her peers, loves watching hockey games above all else. Each winter season she can be found among the sea of black and red face paint, cowbells, banners and UNO merchandise at Baxter Arena.

“I love hockey not only because of the potential fights, but also because we get to be as loud as we want in our new arena,” Montero said. Her favorite memory is throwing streamers in the student section every time the team scores.

UNO junior Kerrigan Flynn also enjoys attending UNO sporting events.

“I really enjoy the atmosphere, being able to support the university and all of the hard working athletes,” Flynn said.

For Flynn, attending games is not just about cheering her fellow students on, but it is also about being reminded of a sport she loves.

“I like to watch softball just because I played it my whole life,” Flynn said. “I played it all the way up to my sophomore year of college. It is what I know and what I enjoy.”

Of course, even though softball is her favorite sport to cheer on,Flynn can also be found throwing streamers at Baxter Arena, which she says is her favorite tradition as well.

Montero and Flynn are just a couple of the thousands of students, faculty and families in the community who make up UNO’s strong and tight-knit fan base. It is apparent to all who attend a UNO sporting event that the team members are very supported and what they do is truly appreciated.

“It’s important because the athletes dedicate their hard-earned time and effort for this school and for their sport,” Flynn said. “They deserve to be recognized for all of this hard work that they put into the things they love.”

To join in on this campus tradition, find an upcoming event on one of the many fliers posted up around campus, or online at www., where all sport season schedules may be found.


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