Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ debuted Wednesday and it was a breath of fresh air


Jared Sindt

‘What if…?’ reimagines the events of previous Marvel films in unexpected ways. Photo courtesy of

Disney Plus released the new Marvel show ‘What If…?’ this past Wednesday and received a warm welcome from fans. The show’s first episode brought fresh new ideas and characters with an altered plot line that intrigued fans everywhere.

Spoilers incoming, but the first episode showed fans exactly how these series will play out. The shows’ narrator, called the watcher, spectates the events of the multiverse and shows us what happens if one event or decision is changed, and how those changes affect their new future.

In the first episode, Agent Peggy Carter decides to not wait up in the booth as she did in the original ‘Captain America,’ while Steve Rogers is being infused with the super soldier serum. This causes events to change, and eventually Peggy becomes “Captain Carter.”

The episode then dives into a story that is much like ‘Captain America,’ but with some different events. For example, Steve becomes Peggy’s right-hand man instead of Bucky becoming Steve’s, and is put in an Iron Monger suit, but the objective of getting the tesseract back from Red Skull is still the same.

The idea of the episodes being very similar to some Marvel movies but with certain choices and event changes was very prevalent in this first episode, and there is no doubt that this trend will continue as the show goes on.

If you are one of the people intrigued by the concept of this show, there are a few things you should know first.

First, you need to have prior knowledge of Marvel movies to understand what is going on. The watcher provides some context, but it is still very helpful to the plot if you understand and know what’s different.

Second, the events of the show are canon and could potentially affect the MCU. If you are unfamiliar with how, it would be important to watch the events of ‘Loki’ to understand how the multiverse is playing a large role in the MCU. It’s possible that some of these events could branch into the movies or other shows, or even receive their own movies.

Finally, every episode will dive into a different and unique storyline. Examples of this include a universe where T’Challa, Black Panther, is abducted and becomes the new Star Lord, and a universe where Killmonger saves Tony Stark, Iron Man, from the explosion that turned him into a hero.

Despite some controversy over the episode that Captain Carter shouldn’t have replaced Captain America on Twitter, the episode itself was a fresh idea for the MCU and did Captain Carter justice without taking anything from Steve Rogers.