Local author designs books to help us understand our feelings


By Kristina Sander

For about two hours on Sept. 21, people gathered at Barnes and Noble bookstore near Oakview Mall to have Lynda Madison autograph their books.

While Madison was primarily promoting her new book, The Feelings Book, she also signed copies of her other books. She made a point of talking to everyone who came to see her and had an easygoing manner.

Madison began writing about six years ago as a hobby, hoping that through her books she could reach more people. As a licensed psychologist, Madison practices here in Omaha.

The Feelings Book describes different feelings that people, especially pre-adolescents, go through. While this book is mainly directed at pre-teens, it discusses emotions everyone goes through.

When Madison was asked to write this book, she wanted something that was comfortable and easy for kids. Through her book, she said, she hopes children will find different ways to cope with and understand the emotions they are or will be going through. She feels it is important for the children to understand the cycle of how what you feel affects what you do.

Madison often looks to her own two children for advice on her books. Along with The Feelings Book, Madison has also written Keep Talking: A Mother-Daughter Guide to the Pre-Teen Years, Parenting With a Purpose: Progressive Discipline From Birth to Four and What I Wish You Knew.

Madison said the key to being an effective parent is to have a goal for your child, but it has to be the same as the child’s. Another piece of advice she likes to offer people is what she feels are the three ingredients to effective parenting: a commitment to parenting, respect for your child and trustworthiness.

For children or anyone who works with children regularly, The Feelings Book has something special to offer. Its funny colorful pictures capture your attention. It has an easy way of helping children understand what they are going through and how to deal with their emotions.

If you would like more information on Madison you can visit her Web site at www.writingenhancement.com.


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