What it’s like having class during the summer

1. You have to wake up early when everyone else is still asleep/on vacation

alarm clock smash


2. The campus seems like it’s completely deserted…

tumbleweed gif


3. …but somehow the parking lots are still completely filled

parking gif


4. It’s about 1000 degrees outside…

sun is too bright


5. …and you’re drenched by the time you walk across campus to class



6. You take the same class at the same time every day for a month…

bored classroom


7. …and do a semester’s worth of studying in a matter of weeks

baby studying


8. You do all this while you have another job…


9. …or an internship


10. And just when you think it’s over…


11. …the next summer session starts


The Gateway staff hopes your summer classes are going well so far Mavs! Hang in there!