Lewis and Clark — the adventure continues


By Mike Machian

Living in Nebraska, you can’t not hear about Lewis and Clark. Their legendary expedition to the Pacific Ocean and back has been the stuff of legend in Nebraska history classes everywhere.

No European was quite sure what was in the land acquired from the Louisiana Purchase. In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson commissioned Lewis and Clark to go find out.

Before she graced the dollar coin, Sacagawea was best known as the Native American interpreter who accompanied Lewis and Clark. Three years and 8,000 miles later, a pioneer legend was born.

Now, we too can experience that rugged journey utilizing the latest film technology available: The IMAX.

Lozier IMAX Theater at the Henry Doorly Zoo hosted the world premiere of *Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West April 20 with a black-tie gala.

The film dramatizes the journey that began in 1803 after the acquisition of the Louisiana Territory. At that time, the Western United states was uncharted territory to American settlers.

The film takes advantage of the large IMAX format to showcase the vast landscape west of the original colonies and was put together by the same team that did the National Geographic film *The Mysteries of Egypt. *Great Journey West is 42 minutes long and features narration by Jeff Bridges.


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