Letter from your Student Body President, Hakim Lotoro

Student Body President and Regent Hakim Lotoro. Photo by Andrew Smith

Welcome back UNO! My name is Hakim Lotoro, and I’m beyond excited to serve you as the ‘23-24 Student Body President.

The Student Government Association has been a little out of the way in recent years, so we’d like to reintroduce ourselves. SGA is a representative democracy made up of three branches that function a lot like the federal government. These different arms work together to interpret the will of the student body and carry it out through different programs or initiatives. Our mission is simple: Turning your goals and needs into tangible solutions that allow you to flourish. That’s a lot easier said than done, and without a key element it won’t be possible. We need the voices of the students.

To that end, SGA’s main goal will be empowering and elevating those voices. This year we will be holding town halls more regularly, completely revamping our online and social presence, as well as having more events to speak with your elected representatives. Through open talks and accountability, we believe we will make the changes that matter to you.

In addition to student government, there are many diverse organizations all with different goals and purposes. Whether it’s some of the more traditional organizations (Greek Life or our Multicultural Unions), the more career-oriented (Pre-Health Professionals Club), or the more expressive(Mindfulness Club), there is a community waiting for you. Even at our esteemed Root Beer Club, our arms are open.

SGA will also be holding several upcoming events for students to stop in and meet the respective organizations. This will also be a chance to learn about and access the different student-provided resources throughout the campus.

Our door is open to you and I look forward to seeing what we accomplish together. This is the year to be optimistic and aspiring, this is the year to instigate change, this is the year of the students.

Hakim Lotoro
Student Body President
Student Regent

NOTE: UNO Student Government will hold its first senate meeting of the semester today in the Dodge room (302) within Milo Bail Student Center at 7 p.m.