Inexpensive fall fashion – Look no further!


By Kristina Sander

For many college students, the beginning of the school year is synonymous with back to school shopping. And not only are you looking for the cutest, hippest clothes but you probably also want clothes that are cheap — or at least reasonably priced.

Whether you’re looking for summer clothes or fall and winter gear, the perfect places for you to shop are right around the corner!

Gordman’s: (901 Fort Crook Road N. in Bellevue, 8100 S. 84th in La Vista and 17202 Lakeside Hills Plaza, 5808 N. 90th St. and 2502 S. 133 Plaza in Omaha) With several locations throughout Omaha, Gordman’s is easily accessible to everyone. Gordman’s carries a wide variety of clothes from dress attire to street wear for men, women and children.

A few of the more popular men’s brands Gordman’s carries are Fubu, DFX, Adidas and JNCO. Popular women’s brands are LEI, MUDD, Paris Blues and Nike. Men’s shirts start at $7.99, and pants start at $16.99. Average women’s prices are $9.99 for shirts and $16.99 for pants and skirts.

Gordman’s also carries perfume/cologne, shoes and other accessories and advertises up to 50 percent off mall and department store prices.

Aeropostale: (Crossroads and Westroads malls) Aeropostale is a great place for college students to shop – guys and girls alike. The store even directs its sales toward college students. Recently Aeropostale hosted a “Dorm Room Sale,” putting college student-friendly items –including sweatshirts, shirts and pajama wear — at 50 percent off. Average prices for men’s and women’s shirts are usually 2 for $25.

Old Navy: (Westroads Mall, 3115 Oakview Drive, Crossroads Mall) Old Navy carries everything from dress clothes and everyday wear to sleepwear and accessories for men and women.

For women, Old Navy has shirts starting at $5 and up to $29.50. Most shirts range from $9.50 to $12.50. The higher priced items are typically sweaters and jackets.

For men, there are also $5 shirts and prices up to $26.50. Pants range from $22.50-$29.50. Old Navy leans more toward preppy style clothing but there is a lot of variety and with prices as cheap as those, you never want to miss a sale!

Payless: In addition having stores in Oakview, Westroads and Crossroads, there are also stores all over Omaha. Payless specializes in shoes but don’t forget about its great selection of. Prices range from $5.99 to $19.99 for men’s and women’s shoes. With great styles for every occasion and prices that are hard to beat, Payless is a sure winner.

Kohl’s: (3315 Oak View Drive, 909 S. 72nd St., 13550 W. Maple Road) While Kohl’s carries basically the same clothes as Gordman’s, they tend to have more variety. Their sales are outrageous and many clothes get marked down to 70 percent off.

Kohl’s carries clothes that will fit anyone’s style and personality. They have a wide variety of shoes, jewelry, perfume and accessories. Shirts for guys and girls average from about $9.99 to $26.99.

So no matter what your style and taste for fashion is this fall, you’ll be sure to find something you’ll like in one of these stores!


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