ID system should be implemented for undies


by Sarah Meedel

Many have probably encountered an “inspected by” sticker on their clothing before but chances are they have not found an ID number sewn into their underpants.

I have a pair of Disney brand underwear and recently, while doing my laundry, I discovered something peculiar. I found a tag with “ID 18046” printed on it. Now why would panties have an ID number on them?

I searched the Internet in hopes to find the answer to my question. I could not find any answers.

I telephoned the Disney catalogue to see if they could provide me with an answer. The operator on the line said she had no idea what I was talking about.

So, why is there an ID number on my panties?

I am still not sure but I do have some ideas.

I believe the Disney company might be trying to revolutionize undergarments. Think about it. Did your mom write your name on your underpants when you were younger so they did not get lost at summer camp? Maybe the Disney company is looking to perfect this method.

When I was younger I do not remember a lot of kids misplacing their undergarments. Now that I am in college, it is a different story. Parties, dates, dares and drunkenness can cause even the most levelheaded people to lose their underwear.

I think this could work like a lost and found system.

Say a person has a one-night stand and finds underwear in their room but cannot remember whom it belongs to. That person could send them to the undergarment lost and found. The person who left the underpants could retrieve them using the code sewn into the pair. That way, a person would not end up with another person’s underwear by mistake.

I do not know how expensive male undergarments are, but women’s underwear can get expensive. I cannot imagine why people would want to have lost a pair of underwear forever when they could be able to retrieve them with this panty ID system.

Maybe the panty ID system is not what Disney had in mind when they sewed an ID number into my underwear, but maybe it should be the reason.


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