‘I Love NU’ Day to help students show support for higher education


Grant Rohan 

University of Nebraska supporters sit in the balcony of the Norris Legislative Chamber in the state capitol building. Photo courtesy of the University of Nebraska.

Students and other members of the UNO community are invited to attend the third annual “I Love NU Day” to share their stories with senators and show support for the University’s four respective campuses: UNL, UNK, UNO and UNMC.

The event will take place Tuesday, March 10 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Nebraska State Capitol Building in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The day will begin with a welcoming presentation and opening remarks in Hearing Room 1525, on the first floor of the Capitol. Supporters will move to the balcony of the Norris Legislative Chamber to be recognized by members of the Nebraska Legislature. Afterward, supporters can meet with senators in the Rotunda or stay to listen to open floor debate.

The University of Nebraska’s state funding has been reduced three times in the past two years. Further cuts could cause tuition to rise for 52,000 students and curb momentum in serving the state, according to the University of Nebraska website.

Students and all attendees are encouraged to wear their campus colors to show support for their school. Buttons, pins and window clings will be available at the Capitol to show support, as well.

“‘I Love NU Day’ is an event that celebrates student success and our unique campus experiences,” said Aya Yousuf, UNO student body president and student regent. “It is a way to highlight student accomplishments, as well as advocate on behalf of student interests and the university.”

Yousuf said the event will also allow students to connect with their state senators, administration and peers from our sister campuses. “More importantly, it is a way to build a community of advocacy and engagement,” Yousuf said.

“I hope to see as many students as possible to come together and share our college journey,” Yousuf said. “Plus, there will be free shuttles, lunch and an ‘I Love NU Day’ special ice cream flavor.”

Those who cannot attend the event are encouraged to show their support by:

  • Writing, calling or emailing your senator and sharing why higher education is important to you.
  • Sharing your stories on social media using the hashtag #NUforNE
  • Following the University of Nebraska on Facebook and Twitter for live updates.