How to stay connected with artists in a disconnected time


Makayla Roumph

Staying connected with artists in a disconnected time can be achieved through keeping up with social media algorithms, buying local goods, products and services and participating in established organizations and brands with the mission to spotlight locals. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

It has officially been a year of living in a pandemic, and the arts and entertainment scene is still amongst the most affected by COVID-19.. How does an industry that relies on human connection survive in a time of such distance?

The answer is you– as an individual, and as part of a local community rich in talent, creativity, potential and growth. Three possible ways to help keep the arts and entertainment industry alive are following the algorithm trends on Instagram, buying local goods, products and services and participating in organizations and brands already doing their part.

The current algorithm on Instagram has shifted its priorities to which interactions are the most important and result in the most engagement. In order of importance, these engagements are saves, shares, comments and likes. With that said, follow this order when coming across artists and small businesses on your feed. If you save a post from a small artist, it will make a larger impact than a like.

The new Instagram algorithm is refreshing in that likes are no longer seen as highest priority, which encourages real interaction and connection with content. In fact, Instagram may be picking up speed in removing likes all together following the national scare they did on Tuesday, March 2 where they temporarily took away everyone’s visibility to see likes on other people’s posts.

Another way to show your support is to buy local goods, products and services rather than corporate chains. Many students at UNO have curated their own businesses of crafts such as Gabriella Moore with her handmade wire art.

To name a few, some small businesses to try are Dusk Goods & Gifts for your home goods, Mixins Rolled Ice Cream for your dessert fix, and Taylor’s Flower Shop for your spring accents. To view a wide array of local goods, products and services, visit

Unless doing research, people are not always aware of local artists and businesses to support and shop from. Information overload on social media has resulted in the important things being buried in all of the noise.

Another way to support local artists and creatives is by supporting nonprofits and other organizations.

Broccoli Creative Collective is a new organization with a mission to offer a free platform designed to connect, promote and grow an inclusive community for local creatives. Culxr House is a non profit organization working to bridge social and economic gaps. There are hundreds of social justice and arts-oriented organizations to support in the Metro area.

Omaha is continuing to grow, especially in the arts and entertainment scene. However, it is up to us to build connections to help artists thrive so that others can experience our amazing community.