How to beat the winter blues


Katie Zimmerer

Photo courtesy of Pexels

This winter, it seems like everyone in the U.S. is getting pretty sick of the snow. In Chicago, it felt as cold as Antarctica. A winter storm brought snowfall to Las Vegas. Recently in Omaha, it seems like we get covered in snow every other day. Our winter priorities as students consist of staying warm and cozy, layering tons of clothes and just hoping we don’t get frostbite walking to class.

For some people, winter is just a season that they are waiting for to pass. For others it can be more serious, like seasonal affective disorder. According to the Mayo Clinic, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons. It most likely occurs in the winter months, taking away your energy and causing changes in mood.

Whether your aversion to winter is as serious as SAD or you just want to know how to get through the winter months, here are a few tips to retire your hibernation status and kick your winter blues.

It all starts with a healthy home.

The best way to survive the chilly weather should start and end with a healthy home. Since your living space is your main sanctuary, having somewhere to retreat to that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside can be just what you need to forget about the snow. For me, having candles and warm white string lights in my tiny studio apartment gives me the biggest feeling of comfort as I watch the snow fall lightly down from my window. Mix that with some relaxing tunes and I’m friends with winter once again.

A little self-care always helps.

Especially if you’re one to suffer from SAD, taking care of yourself should be one of your biggest priorities while the weather is glum. It could be as small as treating yourself to a face mask and meditation or scheduling a session with a counselor on campus, putting mental health first is so important.

Take a winter weekend getaway.

So you’ve saved a little money and you’re thinking about taking some time to get away from all your responsibilities. Find a few friends and check into a hotel for the night. A hotel with an indoor pool and hot tub will give way to a relaxing rest for your weekend adventure. Even a trip only an hour or two away from home can leave you feeling refreshed and energized, ready to take on whatever Monday–and the week’s weather– has in store.