Hot Spots


By Gateway Staff

Looking for somewhere new to spend those nights off of work? Gateway staff members share some of their favorite Omaha hot spots:


Jasmine Maharisi


Film Streams

1340 Mike Fahey Street

“I’m a sucker for a good movie, especially those lesser-known gems that just blow you away. Plus, they have a liquor license, and there’s nothing better than a bottle of Lucky Bucket while watching a foreign film. Not too many bottles, though. You need to be sober enough to read. When the movie’s over, my friends and I like to head next door to the Slowdown or across the street to the Mattress Factory to top off the night.”


Michael Wunder

News Editor

The Schramm Aquarium

21502 West Highway 31,

Gretna, NE

“There’s a gigantic catfish. Bigger than a toddler. Maybe two toddlers. There’s also an albino catfish that responds violently to jazz hands—if you irritate him enough, he might devour his tank-mates. The snapping turtle resembles a gargantuan Mesozoic rock. It would probably eat a toddler. Also, check out the paddle fish— what’s up with them?”


Rachel George

Entertainment Editor

Oasis Hookah Bar

315 South 16th Street

“Oasis is my favorite place to go for a chill night out with friends. And let’s be honest… tobacco is just better when it tastes like graham crackers.”


Patrick Cooley

Sports Editor

The Dundee Dell

5007 Underwood Avenue

“When it comes to a good pub, character is half the battle. The Dell features the best fish and chips in town, as well as a full selection of drinks. And if the food and ambiance aren’t enough, just remember that whenever U2’s Bono is in town, he makes time for the Dell.”


Mo Nuwwarah

Opinion Editor

The Underground

1017 Howard Street

“The Underground is a really popular weekend bar with a great special ($2.25 Long Island Iced Teas), so it gets pretty crowded. But it’s got a young crowd, a dance floor, and cheap drinks (also $2.25 16 ounce cans of beer), so it’s great place for a weekend night out.”


Joe Shearer

Photo Editor

Underwood Bar

4918 Underwood Avenue

“In the heart of beautiful Dundee, the ‘Home of the Big Mug’ is a stone’s throw from campus and is the perfect place for students to shake off their hang-ups from school and work and let loose. They offer a multitude of digital and manual games, a unique jukebox selection and 32oz. mugs of Budweiser or Bud Light for $3.50 (as well as other cheap drinks).”


Jeff Kazmierski

Copy Editor

Omaha Children’s Museum

500 South 20th Street

“If you’re looking for a great place to keep the kids busy and entertained, you really can’t do better than the Children’s Museum. The science room is great fun, with the balls and pipes and machinery everywhere. We always get great pictures of our kids whenever we go there, and everyone has a good time.”


Kelsey Jochum

Content Editor

The Slowdown

729 North 14th Street

“Although the Slowdown hosts a lot of 21+ events, it also hosts plenty of underage events, featuring both smaller, local bands and those of higher caliber. Its small, half bar/ half stage setup really gives it an intimate feel. You feel like everyone there is truly invested in the artists playing.”


Jamie Sughroue-Linale

Assistant Section Editor

The Flying Worm Boutique

1125 Jackson Street

“Are you looking for something well-loved, vintage and unique? The Flying Worm offers an eclectic selection of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and a plethora of accessories to outfit even the pickiest of shoppers. They are affordable and green.”


Kristen Brandt

Assistant Art Director

The Donut Stop

1256 South 13th Street

“What makes the Donut Stop so awesome is that it is open all night. After you get done watching a show at Sokol, you can go there and pick from their collection of board games to keep your night going into the wee hours of the morning. Plus their prices are cheap, and the coffee is delicious!”


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