Gov. Ricketts limits social gatherings to 10 or less because of COVID-19


Grant Rohan


Governor Ricketts sitting down at a panel.
Gov. Ricketts further limits events and social gatherings to prevent spread of COVID-19. Photo courtesy of Gov. Ricketts’ office.

Gov. Pete Ricketts announced on Monday that public events and social gatherings in Nebraska should not exceed groups of 10 to reduce the spread of COVID-19, following precautions from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Ricketts said the limit does not apply to grocery stores or businesses. These establishments can stay open at their discretion. The governor advised businesses to consider having employees work from home.

The limit also includes weddings, funerals and any parties for St. Patrick’s Day.

The announcement came several hours after Mayor Jean Stothert placed a 50-person cap on crowds at Omaha restaurants and bars.

“We hope that our bar and restaurant owners will be very responsible and they will limit them on their own,” Stothert said, according to an article from the Omaha World-Herald. Stothert added that Omaha police would enforce the public gathering limit.

As of Monday, there are 20 reported cases of COVID-19 in Nebraska. Douglas County Health Director Adi Pour announced two additional cases at Stothert’s press conference; one contracted via travel and the other had contact with a person with a positive test.